Let’s Get To Know Each Other

What changes the quality of your life? Your relationships, your emotions, your physical health and your money. 

Many of us struggle with balancing our current lifestyle expenses while building adequate savings for planned and unexpected events in life – let alone the wealth building required to support multiple decades of retirement income.

We understand that although these challenges are common, we all have unique experiences, expectations and dreams. We cannot truly help you, until we get to know you.

Our mission is for you to experience a new perspective on personal money management – one that helps you to improve the quality of your life.  A meaningful experience that is not only new and refreshing, but one that educates and empowers you; to understand what has an impact on your money. We want you to obtain a renewed knowledge and practical strategies that enable you to take back control of your money.

We will dispel the myths and openly discuss the truth that most are simply are not aware of. The most concerning truth, is that many people are losing more money than they will actually save over their lifetime. We will help you find the lost money, gain control of your finances and build the lifestyle that you desire (now and in the future).

This new perspective on personal money management helps you find the money you may be losing unnecessarily and all too often without your knowledge. This missing (or misinformed) knowledge is not your fault. Most of us were never taught this in school, by financial institutions, lenders, the government or the media.

Learn how you can develop a realistic money management strategy that will allow you to retire at the same or better standard of living than you have today; while experiencing a level of financial freedom along the way.

Working with High Road Planning is not just about your money it is about your life and living the way you want.

Sandra StewartAbout Sandra Stewart

Sandra Stewart has been an independent, licensed Insurance and Investment Advisor since 2004, specializing in CashFlow planning and Money Coaching. She takes an innovative and revolutionary approach, in that she helps clients find the money they are currently losing unknowingly and unnecessarily.

Her approach has enabled her clients to explore the myths and truth about the world of personal finance, their values, money beliefs and mindset – Giving them a new perspective, to pave the way to building the financial life they desire.

Sandra’s approach is built on her philosophy that the greatest service she can provide her clients is to help them identify what needs to happen to build the lifestyle they want, while helping them avoid losses along the way.

She believes that the High Road to service is travelled with integrity, compassion and understanding. People don’t care how much you know, until they know how much you care.

Sandra lives an active lifestyle with her husband and children; enjoying their home in the mountains, alongside Lake Eugenia, surrounded by the Bruce Trail, Beaver River and close to beautiful Georgian Bay. Her sanctuary is on the lake or river, kayaking on a beautiful sunny day or hiking the Bruce Trail.