Lifestyle Planning (Financial Planning)

It is not just about your money – it is about your life and living it the way you want.
Lifestyle Planning (Financial Planning)

If what you thought to be true turned out not to be true, when would you like to know?

Process Circle -  - Lifestyle PlanningWe have been taught that there are two segments to our wealth; one that supports our lifestyle and one that is intended to be accumulated for our future lifestyle. This approach focuses on your accumulated money and growth is presumed by taking from your current lifestyle combined with achieving higher rates of return – which come with the all too real risk of potential losses.

In reality, you have three segments to your wealth:


Process Circle - Lifestyle PlanningWhat you save (ACCUMULATED),
what you spend (LIFESTYLE)
and what you give up (


Our approach to Lifestyle Planning, considers the impact of the money you are losing.


It helps you become more efficient with the resources you have – without affecting lifestyle – by avoiding unnecessary transfers of money in the form of interest on debt, credit cards, car payments, taxes, how you pay your mortgage and how you fund your retirement accounts.

This approach operates under the philosophy that there is potentially far more financial opportunity by avoiding the losses; than there may be by “picking the investment winners”.


Our Money Management Approach will:

  1. Level the playing field by busting the financial myths – designed to transfer your money to others and by educating you on the control and choices you can have over our money.
  2. Identify where your wealth is being transferred away from you unnecessarily through daily transactions and philosophies.
  3. Take back your money and redirect it according to where you want your wealth – your lifestyle and accumulated savings.

When would you like to take back control of your money?

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