Who Controls Your MoneyWho Controls Your Money?

We are re-thinking assumptions, influences, the herd response, our own money mindset, the role money plays in our life, our happiness, our relationships and the definition of enough. We are taking back control of our money and therefore our lives.

Our conversations have us looking closely at where others control our money:

  • how others around us influence our choices
  • how our past influences our behaviour
  • how our philosophies and knowledge may or may not serve us
  • the impact that the mixed messages of marketing has on our fears and decisions
  • the way that our beliefs and expectations regarding government and financial institutions and their lending, saving structures, half-truths and full out myths are leading the herd in ways that may not be serving our best interests
  • why families are frustrated and hurting with unsustainable debt and insufficient savings

Take Control of your money and your life – join the conversation.